Many people have been asking what the new building on the playing fields is going to be. Is it toilets, changing rooms or a bungalow? The answer is a new storage facility for the Cricket and Football Clubs as well as SAS who have all the equipment for the Festfull and other such community events. Each of the groups has a lot of equipment that has been stored in various homes, barns and garages around the village which has not been ideal.

The project was conceived by the Charitable Trust in October last year when it became apparent that there was a joint need for some central storage for various groups in the village. Having produced and costed some plans we had to get permission for the Parish Council and then satisfy Building Regulations and so work did not start until March this year.

Shed 1Unfortunately we don't have any photos of when the footings were dug but believe it or not we had to go down 1.5 metres and pour in over 25 tons of concrete! A special thanks go to Alan Flatman for leveling the site and digging the footings so quickly and expertly - he managed to miss the 11,000 volt cable that was nearby! 

Shed2 Most of the work was done by volunteers but our collective bricklaying skills weren't up to much and so we got in two excellent professionals, Will Wilkinson (07702 672352) and Mark Wilkinson (aka Charlie 07780 334771). Give them a call if you need a good brickie!  


The total cost of the project is around £14,500 of which £7,000 was funded by each of the clubs to gether with The Charitable Trust and the Parish Council. We also received a £7,500 grant from Mid Suffolk Distrcit Council. The biggest single item of cost was the provision of electricity - a whopping £3,200. Some of you may have seen the sub-station outside the swiimming pool being replaced one Saturday night. Although a huge cost, the Bowls Club have also benefited as they too now have a connection.

We managed to get the building secure just in time for the Festifull, but here's still a few finishing touches including the provision of a water connection and internal fitting out but hopefully this will all be completed by the end of October and we'll have another great asset for many years to come.

Finally, thanks to all the volunteers that helped: Don Darling, Peter Smith, Roger Turkington, Michael Gibbons, Mike Marlow and Harry Ereira and special thanks to Gavin Borrett for helping with the specification and testing of the electrics. Thanks also to Roy & Joyce Lee for providing the teas and coffees (and the occassional beer for those that worked late) and to Don & Velda Lummis for electricity.