GN HelperStradbroke Good Neighbours is a volunteer based organisation to help those in need within our village and surrounding areas. It was started in 2004 by Martin Wake and is a member of Community Action Suffolk. We have thirty volunteers, based in Stradbroke and Wilby, who offer assistance in a variety of ways. These include prescription collections, trips to doctors surgeries, dental practices and hospitals in Norwich and Ipswich. We also offer to help with minor domestic repairs, such as checking smoke alarms and changing light bulbs, which might be difficult for the elderly or disabled.

Services are offered free with the exception of a small mileage charge as a contribution towards the driver's expenses. Stradbroke Good Neighbours serves inhabitants of Stradbroke and villages within a five mile radius. These include Wilby, Athlington, Horham and Fressingfield. We currently have a list of over fifty clients.

GN lightbulb help

Good Neighbours Telephone   07749445531

The scheme revolves around a mobile phone, which is held in turn by a core group of volunteers who match the need of a caller to a volunteer who has offered to help in that particular way. It is a system which spreads the load and does not put pressure on any volunteer to do everything on the list 

Good Neighbours Telephone Number is 07749445531


Committee members: Jane Gemmill, Dianne Maynard, Dennis Merritt, Carol Darling, Jennifer Chetwynd, Brian Goffee.