In the Beginning

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It all started when Julia Green, Don Darling and Tony Potts, all relative newcomers to the village, were co-erced to take part in the intervillage games. This was an annual event which the then Vicar (David Streeter) was responsible for organising the Stradbroke contribution. Little did we know that nobody else was recruited and on the day of the event we ended up taking part in virtually everything to avoid letting the team down. 

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We vowed not to make the same mistake again and the following year we took over the role of organising the games and recruited a number of willing helpers in the village. As a warm up to the event we held a local fun sports day to get some enthusiasm going and then went on to the intervillage event and, low and behold, won the competition under the team banner of "Stradbroke All Stars" or SAS for short.

Thereafter SAS was formally constituted as an organisation in the village with the objectives:

- To raise funds in support of community based projects
- To lead and manage community based projects
- To provide practical support to other organisations within the community

SAS Update 2016

The most successful of the SAS ventures has been the Stradbroke Festifull which, until 2016 has provided an opportunity for all local clubs and societies  to raise funds for their organisation as well as creating a weekend of fun and games for everyone in and around Stradbroke.

We are often asked – where does all the money go from the Festifull? First and foremost it has never been the aim of SAS to "make money" and any surplus funds, after expenses, have always been used for community benefit. The Festifull aims to cover its expenses and hopefully raise sufficient funds to cushion a possible loss in future years. The expenses, range from the hire of marquees, insurance, first aid, payments to performers, printing costs etc. Unfortunately this year the Sunday activities were ccancelled due to bad weather and the Festifull made a loss (see 2016 financial summary). In previous  years, any surplus income has either been used to support other projects or invested in equipment for the benefit of the community. Over the last 6 years, in addition to the Festifull, SAS has supported:
- The Pet Show
- The Intervillage Games
- It's a Knockout/Wipeout
- The launch of the Stradisphere

SAS has also invested surplus funds in community assets including:
- Two marquees and a gazebo (total cost £2,150)
- The Community Shed, which provides a secure storage facility for sports & other community equipment
- A variety of games equipment which are available to other organisations within the village, such as the schools.
- And most recently a substantial donation (c.£1800) to the Children's Playpark project

With the Festifull Committee standing down this year, SAS will no longer have any active projects. The SAS Committee has decided to retain sufficient funds  to support any group who would like to launch a new community based initiative for the benefit of the whole village. If anyone has an idea and the people power that goes with it, don't hesitate to get in touch with any member of the committee;

Don Darling – Chair 388098, Karine Last – Treasurer 384429, Sam Hackett 388872, Julia Nowell (nee Green) 07796 624768 or Roger Turkington 384248.