Spar Shop News

We can confirm today, Sept 22nd, that AF Blakemore do in fact have a definite opening date in mind for the Stradbroke Spa. This follows a detailed conversation with the Business Manager responsible for the project to reopen the shop. Whilst he would not disclose the exact date, he did state that it was within a matter of weeks and not months. He also stated that if they could not come to an acceptable legal agreement with the new prospective managers, Blakemore will put their own management team in within a similar timeframe. The business manager explained that the rumours about the Co-op establishing a presence in Stradbroke had slowed down the process of opening the Spar, but it had not in anyway changed AF Blakemore's plans. It was simply a matter of finding an acceptable agreement with the new management.

Therefore the Spar will open, either with new independent managers, or with Blakemore's own management team, and in a matter of weeks. 

Let us all hope that this time it does actually happen!