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Jan 19th 7:30pm in the Community Centre
(not 14th as advertised in the Stradbroke Monthly)

A series of informal discussions (focus groups) on the main challenges facing our village were held during December. These were led by an Independent Market Research professional, David Spenser, and build on all the comments made at the first public meeting back in May. David will present his findings to an open meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 19th January. Following the presentation by David there will be ample time to ask questions, express your own views and an opportunity to talk informally about the future of our village.

The outcome from this meeting will be the definition of the key issues to be worked on in the Neighbourhood Plan. The work plans for each of these key issues are called "Work-Streams". If after you have heard what everyone has to say and you feel passionately about any of the key issues you will want to help with to one or more work-streams. These will form the basis of the programme for 2016

This is a pivotal point in the evolution of our neighbourhood plan. It's content, recommendations and policy statements regarding Stradbroke over the next 15- 20 years, will be guided by this meeting. This is your chance to have a say and really get involved with the overall direction of the Neighbourhood Plan.
Although this is an important meeting, we want it to be as informal as possible and give people the chance to talk not only with David Spenser and members of the NP committee but also with each other. There will be tea, coffee and the bar will be open after the presentation.
We hope you will participate both in at this meeting and during the year. Now that the foundations have been laid we can really start developing he plan. The difficult but hopefully fun bits can now begin
The Neighbourhood Plan Team

(please note David Spenser was unable to make the advertised date of Jan 14th)