The East of England Co-op's planning application was discussed at the recent Parish Council meeting and because of concerns over safety and the comments made by Suffolk County Council Highways the Parish Council issued the following comment to MSDC planners.

Stradbroke Parish Council considered the planning application for the proposed Co-op at the former garage site ref. 0104/15 on 9th January 2015. The council is supportive of the concept of a new grocery shop in the village and welcomed the East of England Co-op's opportunity to provide several local jobs and agreed it is in line with many planning policies. However, it was felt there are highways issues that have not been sufficiently addressed with this particular planning application.

It was noted there is insufficient visibility splay from the proposed entrance onto the highway. Queens Street is already a busy road and it as felt the proposed entrance would introduce a significant hazard to the highway, to what is effectively, a blind corner with only c.15m visibility to pull out.We would like to see the Co-op work with SCC Highways to try and address the Highways issues highlighted by SCC and look forward to seeing an amended proposal.

We understand the Co-op will be conducting a traffic survey with Highways after the school half-term break.
The plans and associated documents can be viewed on the
 Mid Suffolk District Council Planning Portal