Festifull-zumbaWhat a scorcher it was! And not only the weather on June 28th as the 5th Stradbroke Festifull took place with record crowds participating in the fun. Whether you wanted to have all the fun of the fairground, browse among the many stalls in the indoor market to cheering on the Stradbroke Junior Brass Band or gasping in wonder at the dexterity of the Dog Agility display there was something for everyone. Perhaps the greatest achievement was the slick and perfectly organised 5-a-side football tournament over the 2 days with over 60 teams. FIFA clearly needs Dibble and his team. This event alone puts Stradbroke on the map with teams coming from the 4 corners of Suffolk to battle it out.

All shapes and sizes were seen in the various rounds of the Dog Show and there were some very smart dogs as well. The judges found it very difficult to decide on winners so congratulations to Poppy – Show Champion.
When the heat really pounded down everyone was grateful for the Beer Tent which almost ran dry and the delicious fare on offer from the W.I. and BBQ.
As if this wasn't enough there was a large turn-out for the Family Disco in the evening again with kind weather allowing for everyone to enjoy sitting, singing along or dancing outside the marquee.
Sunday saw the now famous It's A Knock-out/Wipe-out Tournament with the traditional wet weather to accompany it. Not that it matters as everyone had such a fantastic time in the water, slime and gunge. Another excellent piece of organisation from Julia Green and her team.
So where does all this success come from? Of course there is the Festifull Committee who start the planning months in advance. This is made up of community-spirited volunteers who share their skills and expertise to ensure that we all have a great weekend. This team is expanded by all the other helpers who set up the field, move furniture, put up bunting and a million other tasks then take it all down again at the end of Sunday. The atmosphere and camaraderie among these helpers is terrific but some are getting to the point of requesting lighter duties in future so a plea for fit, energetic, younger volunteers is going out. Please look out for more details as to how you can help in the New Year.
Where does the money go? All monies gained are pumped back into the Festifull which means general assets that assist the whole village whether it is specific equipment like the 2 marquees or hiring particular groups like the Dog Agility team. Items such as the blue fencing and the poles that surround the arena, adorned with the beautiful bunting made by the WI all cost money. Any suggestions for community assets that you think might be worthwhile purchasing would be gratefully received and considered. Individual groups in the village also use The Festifull as an opportunity to raise funds for their own needs eg the W.I., the Youth Football Club and the Scouts. Maybe your group would like to participate next year.
Overall, all the months of planning, bickering, grafting, shifting hay bales, connecting water, putting out chairs, pleading with stall-holders, falling exhausted into bed led to a truly great experience for all age groups. I know there were tears in the eyes of very proud football-mums as goals were scored and some dogs had an extra treat for their rosettes. Toddlers were agape at some of the new sights and sounds around them and everyone thoroughly enjoyed being able to relax, sit in the sun and meet up with old and new friends at this great village event. Bring on the 6th Stradbroke Festifull!

Photographs of this years festifull are now available for viewing in the gallery. If anyone has any more photos they would like to share, then send them to the editors either via email or on a CD/memory stick. View Images