The proposals for the development of Grove Farm have been changed and the number of dwellings reduced from 54 to 44. You can see the master plan here and all the additional plans and documentation here

We have also received the following email from Mid Suffolk DC regarding the proposed development.

 Dear all,

(Please note this is an open email and may be given to anyone, please feel free to forward further to anyone as necessary who you feel may have an interest. I write in the interests of working openly with the community and trust this email will be taken in the spirit of this intention.)

The scheme has been reduced from 54 dwellings to 44 dwellings. Please find attached details of the plots and bedroom numbers.

The open space and social infrastructure that is now been sought given the reduction in dwelling numbers is £289,508.90. This contribution shall be limited to the extension of the community centre and extension of playing fields only in order to comply with current understanding of the CIL regulations. If this money is not spent on this project/s within a defined period of time after collection, the monies will go back to the developer.

Both contribution to library and waste will also be reduced now since the initial scheme for 54 dwelling as these requirements were based on dwelling numbers. I need an update from Suffolk County Council on this.

Thus altogether this is the current proposed Section 106 package is:- (Note: Still subject to change).

1) £4000.00 for improvements to bus stops in the local area.

2) Contribution (figure awaited) towards Library in Stradbroke.

3) Waste contribution (figure awaited) to SCC

4) Provision of onsite informal open space and public access

5) OSSI contribution of £289,509.90 to the extension of community centre and current playing fields in Stradbroke

6) 38.6% affordable housing (mix of local needs and social association)

7) Phasing of development to be agreed

8) Provision of road improvements to Queen Street, including pedestrian crossing (type to be agreed)

If you have any questions in respect of the above, please feel free to contact me.


John Pateman-Gee
Senior Development Management Planning Officer – Key Growth Projects
Development Management Services - Economy

Telephone: 01449 724535
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