Play equipment



The Children's Play Area Working Group has completed a survey on the need to improve and upgrade our existing Children's play areas within the Stradbroke. The main findings from this survey are as follows:

1. Westhall is used more frequently than the Community Centre play area, but many residents prefer to take their children to play areas outside the village
2. Although both play areas are in need of improvement, the one at the Community Centre is in a worse state compared to Westhall
3. There are many suggestions for more modern and additional equipment, such as a zip wire, roundabouts, new swings just to name but a few
4. There is clearly a need for play facilities for teenagers which are not covered by the existing facilities. The most popular suggestion is a Skate/Bike park
5. There is clearly an urgent need to upgrade and improve our existing play areas. If we implement the changes suggested by the survey that would result in a doubling of the current usage and parents would not feel the need to take their children to play areas outside of the village.

Full Set of Results from the Survey