WT6 the finished article smallWT1 as received small

Following the removal of our Village Sign four weeks ago we now have a rejuvenated Bishop in all it's former glory. Wayne Townsend, professional signwriter has spent the last few weeks bringing it back to its original condition. When The Bishop was taken down in January it became clear just how bad a state it was in. It was faded, mouldy and covered in grime and bird droppings.Using the facilities of a high pressure spray at a local car wash, the years of dirt and organic matter were removed and it was ready for a good coat of primer.This is a crucial step in order to ensure the Ceramic top coat binds to the body of the sign. Using some of the original photographs as a guide, the base colour coats were then added . Finally, the fine details in the gown, the shading on the boys smock and the marbled effect on the base were then painstakingly added to produce the finished article. You can see more photos in the Gallery