Festifull headerThis year's event was another community success, with many of the visitors and stall-holders saying that Saturday was perhaps one of the best events in recent times, the layout with the big marquees and the new performers were mentioned most frequently. Unfortunately Sunday was cancelled due to the heavy rain and waterlogged field and as consequence we made a financial loss.
All good things must eventually come to an end and after 6 successful years and despite frequent requests for more new volunteers to come forward, without success, the committee have decided it is time to stand down. Unless another group comes forward there will be no Festifull or equivalent next year for the benefit of all in our community. If such a group comes forward then all of us are willing to help if needed and we have 'ring fenced' £1000 of reserves just in case and retained all of the equipment – marquees, games etc.
We all hope that the tradition of a Stradbroke 'fete' can continue but obviously volunteers need to come forward. Please give the matter some serious thought, discuss with friends and neighbours but don't wait until it's too late the field needs to be booked well in advance in consultation with the Cricket Club and PC.
For more insight into the history of SAS click Here.and the financial summary of this years Festifull Here