PloughingStradbroke has been very fortunate indeed in having had its history recorded over a long period by some exceptional photographers and artists. Placed for safe-keeping in the Suffolk Record office by Geoffrey Smith, the original glass plates were rediscovered and digitalised in time for a great display in the church on Millennium Day, January 1st 2000. Since then many more old photographs have come to light and others have been specially taken over the last twenty years to record the changes steadily taking place year by year in the Village.

This special talk was first prepared for an occasion in Ipswich where most of the audience did not know Stradbroke at all and had in fact probably never even been here. It may therefore be of specIal interest to people who have recently come to live here and who would like to know more about the history of Stradbroke over the past 150 years.
Of course, all those who have lived here all their lives and who have been to many of the earlier shows which I have given since the very first one soon after the Millennium day itself are very welcome indeed. You may have seen many of the photographs before but simply linking them together with recent ones in a new way gives us all an important insight into our Stradbroke as it is today.
Friday March 3rd at 7.30 in the Community Centre. Admission £3. Bar Open.
(Proceeds towards the new Play Area)