Neighbourhood Plan Open Day Nov 6th

Neighbourhood Plan LogoThe Neighbourhood Plan Open Day on November 6th attracted many residents who were able to view the results of the questionnaire held earlier this year. If you were unable to attend you can now see all the displays that we had here plus the comments that people were invited to write down regarding any of the themes and their content. Besides the 5 themes of Housing, Heritage and Environment, Transport, Local Economy and Facilities and Amenities we also produced a board showing different views of the village. An important part of the plan is to to have a 'character assessment' of it which means identifying what is important to preserve and what we would like to improve in order to retain what it is that makes Stradbroke special. This display created great interest and you can see that many comments were made which we can now use. You can also view here what the next steps are in terms of the Neighbourhood Plan. We welcome any further comments as we prepare the draft and final plan and we will give plenty of notice of the consultation process when your response will again be invaluable. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in all aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan.

If you were unable to visit the open day event then all the material is available here - NP Open Day Nov 16th

If you would like to delve in to the detail of the results then go to: Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results

Gillian Rennie-Dunkerley
Chair of Neighbourhood Planning Committee