Workstream Progress Report (March 2015)

Following the qualitative study of David Spencer, 6 workstreams were established to develop a more detailed understanding of the important issues facing Stradbroke in the future. These workstreams are now defining the questions to be included in a quantitative questionnaire to go out later this year. This results from this questionnaire will provide the main evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan.

The  Workstreams

1. Stradbroke Amenities
Facilities for all Ages, Shopping, Clubs & Organisations

2. Business & Employment
Job Creation, New Businesses, Support for Commerce, Digital Connectivity

3. Education for Stradbroke 
Schools. Pre-schools. Further Education, Adult Education, WEA

4. Heritage & The Environment 
Conservation, Stradbroke's Character, Protection

5. Housing Development
New Developments, Village Character, Trees & Green Spaces

6. Traffic and Transport 
Public Transport, Taxis, Voluntary Services, Parking, Speeding