NP Team Resign

From April to July 2017 the Neighbourhood Plan team, including the independent professional guide and consultant, were persistently and consciously undermined by the Parish Council. As a consequence the team felt there was no alternative but to resign and pass the responsibility back to the Parish Council. All hard copy material was passed over to the new team and the online material retained on this website for reference. A copy of the resignation letter can be viewed here

The work of the new team can now be found on the Parish Council website.


Appointment of Planning Consultant

We are 3 years down the road and, we are now approaching the critical stage of drafting the plan. Having completed the residents survey and analysed the feedback from the questionnaire, we are starting to build a draft structure for the plan. To help us in this stage we are extremely fortunate THAT MID SUFFOLK DISTRICT COUNCIL HAVE APPOINTED an experienced planning consultant Ian Poole who has extensive experience in the planning arena. As managing director of the consultancy business he has worked with many other communities to develop their Neighbourhood Plan. His role is to guide us through the process of drafting the plan and get it through the consultation and referendum stages. He is also helping with Site Assessment thRough his Locality contacts and has helped the team to get both additional grant funding and more importantly the technical support required for the independent assessment of the suitability of proposed development sites.

We are very pleased to have Ian working with us from now until completion.

Neighbourhood Plan Open Day Nov 6th

Neighbourhood Plan LogoThe Neighbourhood Plan Open Day on November 6th attracted many residents who were able to view the results of the questionnaire held earlier this year. If you were unable to attend you can now see all the displays that we had here plus the comments that people were invited to write down regarding any of the themes and their content. Besides the 5 themes of Housing, Heritage and Environment, Transport, Local Economy and Facilities and Amenities we also produced a board showing different views of the village. An important part of the plan is to to have a 'character assessment' of it which means identifying what is important to preserve and what we would like to improve in order to retain what it is that makes Stradbroke special. This display created great interest and you can see that many comments were made which we can now use. You can also view here what the next steps are in terms of the Neighbourhood Plan. We welcome any further comments as we prepare the draft and final plan and we will give plenty of notice of the consultation process when your response will again be invaluable. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in all aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan.

If you were unable to visit the open day event then all the material is available here - NP Open Day Nov 16th

If you would like to delve in to the detail of the results then go to: Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results

Gillian Rennie-Dunkerley
Chair of Neighbourhood Planning Committee

October 2015 Update

It is a little while since you have heard anything about the Neighbourhood Plan but we are now on the cusp of the next important stage so I wanted to contact everyone with an up-date. You may have read how I have taken over as Chair of the group and since then the main committee has been meeting regularly with the work stream leaders to produce the all-important questionnaire which will be distributed to all villagers in the next few months prior to the production of the plan and referendum. We have been very attentive to the detail of this survey as it will form the main basis of our plan so it is vital that we ensure that the whole community has an opportunity to participate in considering the future of Stradbroke. This is a big responsibility as all of our opinions and views could affect how the village evolves during the next 5 - 50 years. Therefore, it is important that we do not rush headlong into a slight or superficial plan but a true reflection of deep and measured thought.

Many villagers have already declared their interest in the Neighbourhood Plan which is a fantastic boost. This is a unique opportunity to debate and discuss where we are as a community and how we can improve it for all who live here. Without everyone's enthusiasm and commitment to this Stradbroke will not move forward so positively.

The questionnaire is now almost ready with some fine-tuning needed to complete it for which we have sought expert assistance. The next step is to launch it and make a splash to all inhabitants of whatever age to complete it. As such, we intend to have a further public meeting, clinics to assist with completion and essential high-profile visibility of those who are keen to push the project. This may mean something as simple as spreading the word at different clubs and organisations, standing outside Spar on a Saturday morning or helping friends and neighbours understand the importance of it. We intend the questionnaire to ignite everyone's imaginations and be both creative and innovative in their thinking about Stradbroke's future and we need you to help us stir up the same passion that we feel. If you are keen to assist in any way I would be very pleased to hear from you.

I am very grateful for the work that has already gone on in the Workstreams. We now need to step up a gear and energise our community so that we can produce a lively and dynamic report which will reap benefits for many years to come.

You can probably gather that I am totally dedicated to this project and am very excited by the fact that this can genuinely help to shape the future of Stradbroke. I do hope that you all feel the same and that we can all work together to bring this about. I shall be sending regular reports to everyone hereafter to keep you informed of progress and key actions coming up in order to co-ordinate what needs to be done and how you can help.

Thank you to those who have given time and effort to date and I do hope that others are encouraged to being part (however large or small) of this important and influential scheme. If you wish to discuss any part of it with me please do email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone me on 01379 384248 or 07730011951

Kind Regards


Neighbourhood Plan under New Leadership

Oliver Last has stood down as the leader of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee due to work commitments. Gillian Rennie-Dunkerley, will take over the chairmanship of the commitee in addition to her role as the Education Workstream leader.

Gill has recently retired as a senior leader of Suffolk One 6th form college and has the time to commit to progressing the neighbourhood plan through to completion. Oliver will continue to play an important role on the committee.

 Workstream Progress Report (March 2015)

Following the qualitative study of David Spencer, 6 workstreams were established to develop a more detailed understanding of the important issues facing Stradbroke in the future. These workstreams are now defining the questions to be included in a quantitative questionnaire to go out later this year. This results from this questionnaire will provide the main evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan.

The  Workstreams

1. Stradbroke Amenities
Facilities for all Ages, Shopping, Clubs & Organisations

2. Business & Employment
Job Creation, New Businesses, Support for Commerce, Digital Connectivity

3. Education for Stradbroke 
Schools. Pre-schools. Further Education, Adult Education, WEA

4. Heritage & The Environment 
Conservation, Stradbroke's Character, Protection

5. Housing Development
New Developments, Village Character, Trees & Green Spaces

6. Traffic and Transport 
Public Transport, Taxis, Voluntary Services, Parking, Speeding