The Parish Pump

The Parish Pump is a short summary by the Clerk to the Council of the main discussion and decisions taken at the parish council meeting. It is published in the Stradbroke Monthly and available online. It is not a formal minute of the meeting. Full minutes of all meetings are held in the Library, are posted on the Notice Board and can also be found here on Stradbrokeonline


Planning Applications Supported
0040/17 – The Priory, Drs Lane: removal of 2 ash, 2 lawson cypress and limb from yew.
0310/17 – Land adjacent 1 White House Cottages: variation of condition 2 following grant of planning permission 3248/14.

During the public forum a member of the public asked questions concerning the Neighbourhood Plan and its progress to date including costs incurred. The Clerk will respond with the financial position to date.

Improvements to play parks
• EW reported that she and the Clerk had attended a meeting at MSDC re fundraising for the play parks. MSDC would be willing to help fund the play parks up to a maximum % still to be calculated once all the figures are received. A lease will have to be drawn up between the Community Centre and the Parish Council for the Playpark at the Community Centre.
• We were runners up in the Tesco Bags for Help and were awarded £2,000. Rattlerow Farm have pledged to donate £2,000. With the possibility of £10,000 from the Community Centre, the figure raised to date is: £41,294.90

• A response to the letter received from the Trust was approved.
• Councillors agreed to reserve funds to carry out repairs to the chapel at the cemetery. The gatepost at the cemetery will be taken to a specialist for repairs to be carried out. We are still awaiting a formal quote for the repair to the gatepost at the Church.
• Stradbroke is now included on the rota for the temporary VAS signs and three were in the village during early February with a return date scheduled for early March.
• Councillors are looking to update the footpath signs around the village as well as relocating a dog litter bin from the Community Centre to the footpath entrance on Wilby Road.
• A dangerously faulty street light has been removed from Grove End, a replacement is on order.
• Broken manhole covers in Wilby Road have been identified for replacement.
• The defibrillator cabinet is on order. The Council are waiting to hear from BT re the adoption of the kiosk.

Councillors' Reports
Cllr Flatman updated Councillors on the plans for revised governance at MSDC. She also advised that parking enforcement will shortly be outsourced to a private company. She assured Councillors that MSDC will monitor any charging increases closely.

Cllr McGregor informed Councillors that money has been found in the highways budget to supply a warning sign in Wilby Road together with replacing the speed sign at Westhall. Cllr McGregor has allocated £750 from the locality fund to the Playpark improvements. There will be a 3% increase in the precept for next year to cover adult social care. The library budget has been reduced but no library in Suffolk has been closed. Cllr McGregor also updated Councillors on the progress of the application to build Sizewell C.

Parish Council drop in clinic
The council drop in clinics will run on the Tuesday in the week following a Parish Council meeting.
The next clinic will be: Tuesday, 21st March at 2.15pm in the Library.