The Parish Pump

The Parish Pump is a short summary by the Clerk to the Council of the main discussion and decisions taken at the parish council meeting. It is published in the Stradbroke Monthly and available online. It is not a formal minute of the meeting. Full minutes of all meetings are held in the Library, are posted on the Notice Board and can also be found here on Stradbrokeonline

MEETINGS OF THE PARISH COUNCIL 12th December 2016 and 9th January 2017
Planning Permissions Granted
4365/16 Doggetts, New Street IP21 5JJ
New Members
The Councillors were very pleased to co-opt 3 new members at the meeting in January. Lynsey Smith, Jim Baker and Chris Edwards were voted for unanimously and welcomed to the Parish Council.

Improvements to play parks
Further village fundraising has taken place:
£89 at Christmas Lights evening £45 Carol singing £757.90 from Family Bingo
Cllr McGregor has promised £750.00 from his locality grant. Councillors are hoping that this may increase next year as Cllr Flatman had been able to donate £2,800 from her District Council Locality Grant.
Tesco Bags for Help – we are waiting to hear from Tesco's on the amount we will be receiving.
Skinners have very generously donated £1,000 to the project.
There will be a new fundraising event "Pennies for the Playpark" – everyone is asked to collect their change and drop it off at the collection points, within both schools and the library. This will run until Easter.

The meeting between the Stradbroke Trust and the Parish Council was cancelled by mutual agreement. A letter from Trustees enclosing payment for the ground rent has been received and will be responded to in due course.
The Highways Working Party will be asking residents for input into proposed traffic calming measures around the village.
The Parish Council would like to hear from anyone willing to sponsor a replacement bench on Wilby Road, outside the pedestrian entrance to the High School.
A working party will visit the churchyard in the spring to undertake a tidy up – details of how you can help will be published later in the year.
The Parish Council held a very successful event in December when the Christmas Lights were switched on and Carols were sung. The Parish Council would like to extend the opportunity of running this event to other village groups and would ask that any interested group contact the Clerk.
Users of the cemetery are asked to take care when walking off of the paths. There are a large number of mole hills and rabbit holes which could be a trip hazard.
Councillors' Reports
Cllr Flatman (District Councillor) An update was given on progress towards the relocation to Endeavour House, this is expected to be complete by Spring 2017. The buildings at Needham Market and Hadleigh will then be sold. The locations for the 2 community based customer help points has yet to be finalised.
Cllr Flatman read a letter from local GPs and A&E services asking for visits to be kept to a minimum during this busy winter period.

Councillors reviewed and approved the budget for the year 2017/18.
Parish Council drop in clinic
The council drop in clinics will run on the Tuesday in the week following a Parish Council meeting.
The next clinic will be: Tuesday, 21st February at 2.15pm in the Library.