The Parish Pump

The Parish Pump is a short summary by the Clerk to the Council of the main discussion and decisions taken at the parish council meeting. It is published in the Stradbroke Monthly and available online. It is not a formal minute of the meeting. Full minutes of all meetings are held in the Library, are posted on the Notice Board and can also be found here on Stradbrokeonline

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Planning Applications supported
4365/16 Doggetts, New Street IP21 5JJ

Permissions Granted
2462/16: 26 Shelton Hill, 3074/16: Cushion Farm Barn, 2980/16: The Paddocks, 2652/16: Hubbards, 3150/16: Mulberry Lodge

Public Forum
A member of the public spoke and asked the Councillors to consider a vote of thanks to the long serving members that resigned at the last meeting. It was proposed that the Chair should write to all 3 councillors and this was accepted.
The village archive now has a copy of the 1841 Tithe Map if any one wishes to view it.
Improvements to play parks
The community centre reported that they are not able to contribute the £10,000 they had pledged at the present time. They hope to have a better idea of the funds available in the new year.
Following comments received at the open day a revised schedule is being prepared by the preferred supplier.
A grant for £1,000 has been received from Adnams.
The Fundraising group continue to hold events and have recently raised £189 from the Bake Sale and £113 from car boot sale. Thanks were expressed to Peter Johnson for sponsoring the Family Bingo Night.
It was noted that no planning permission is needed for the works to replace the play equipment however the Parish Council will need a lease for the land at the community centre before any works can be undertaken on that site.

A letter from the Stradbroke Trust and a statement from the Clerk were read at the meeting. A copy of both will be appended to the minutes. A meeting between Trustees and Councillors will take place immediately before the December meeting.
Around 60 people attended the Neighbourhood Plan open day. Feedback from the event is being reviewed and all information is available on the neighbourhood plan website found at The next stage is to draft a skeleton plan.
A new bench in memory of Jack Cook has been installed at the Playing field.
The bench near the pedestrian entrance to the High School on Wilby Road is in desperate need of replacement; if anyone would like to sponsor a bench here, please contact the Clerk (details below).

Councillors' Reports
Cllr Flatman (District Councillor) reported that she had attended a disability conference where the major area for concern was issues with community transport.
There is a big push on improving recycling and all residents should have received a leaflet about this.
Cllr McGregor (County Councillor) reported that it is hoped that the council tax should only increase to take account of the adult social care.
Parish Councillors asked Cllr McGregor to follow up various issues concerning the traffic/highway improvements in Stradbroke .

Councillors reviewed a planned expenditure schedule and noted the projects they are undertaking at the present time:
Play park equipment replacement, new goalposts and swings at Westhall, highways improvements, spoil clearance at Cemetery, repair to gatepost at Churchyard, repairs to the Chapel at the Cemetery and purchase of defibrillator cabinet and emergency phone. They noted new projects that may also be undertaken; relocate a dog litter bin to further along Wilby Road, works on the Churchyard grounds and the replacement of a bench at Wilby Road.

Parish Council drop in clinic
The council drop in clinics will run on the Tuesday in the week following a Parish Council meeting.
The next clinic will be: Tuesday, 20th December 2016 at 2.15pm in the Library.
Members of the public and press are very welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council and to bring matters of concern or information to the attention to Members in the time allocated to the Public Forum.
Dog owners are requested to clean up after their pets and only use the bins designated for dog waste.
Do not to use the litter bins when disposing of dog waste. If the designated bins are full, please take your bags home.
Odile Wladon, Clerk - contact information:
Mobile: 07555 066147 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mill Hill House, Wickham Skeith, Suffolk IP23 8NA