The Parish Pump

The Parish Pump is a short summary by the Clerk to the Council of the main discussion and decisions taken at the parish council meeting. It is published in the Stradbroke Monthly and available online. It is not a formal minute of the meeting. Full minutes of all meetings are held in the Library, are posted on the Notice Board and can also be found here on Stradbrokeonline


The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and reported that 3 councillors have resigned, Peter Smith, Gerald Jenkins and Ollie Coles. The Clerk would inform Mid Suffolk District Council and the process to appoint new councillors would commence.

Planning Applications supported:
2464/16 – 26 Shelton Hill, IP21 5HZ erection of porch. Erection of single storey rear extension incorporating new roof to existing. Councillors unanimously to support this application

Other Planning matters:
3408/16 Queen's Head Inn, Queens Street IP21 5HG – granted 4/10/16
3074/16 Cushion Farm Barn, Laxfield Road IP21 5JJ – granted 3/10/16
2980/16 The Paddocks, Queens Street IP21 5HG – granted 23/9/16
2871/16 (& 2872/16) Glenmore, Queens Street IP21 5HG – no information
2651/16 Hubbards, Queens St IP21 5HG – no information
3150/16 Mulberry Lodge, Laxfield Road IP 21 5NQ – no information
0552/16 62 Westhall - councillors noted that an appeal had been started against the planning decision.
3774/16 Grove Farm – councillors noted the decision notice issued.

Improvements to play parks
Nick Stones reported that the Community Centre committee had agreed to donate £10,000 towards the improvements to the play parks, there are waiting approval from Mid Suffolk District Council. Councillors expressed their thanks for this donation. Ellie Wharton updated the meeting on fund raising progress to date. 2 grant applications have been submitted, 1 to Adnams and 1 to Tesco. The Vicar has also kindly donated £300 from the Art Exhibition Fund. The 2017 calendar has been received and will be sold over the coming weeks. Ellie thanked Katie and Gemma for helping with the fundraising group.

The Chair updated councillors on a response he had written to an article by the Stradbroke Trust in last month's Stradbroke Monthly. There has been no formal communication from the Trust. The Chair has, however, received a copy of the valuation the Trust had carried out and although satisfied with the way the valuation had been carried out the rental figure mentioned was inaccurate at £9,700, Carrie Barnes felt it was nearer to £14,000 last year. Standing orders do not allow the Council to revisit their previous resolution unless a written motion is received from at least three councillors by the Clerk.
SID (VAS) - the Clerk has been advised that Suffolk County Council will only approve 2 signs and that other councils have experienced these do not have the battery life they were expecting. The Clerk is investigating the cost of permanent signs with solar panels.
Footpath Signs – the sign near the bowling green is not up to date. The Clerk will investigate this and see how if it can be updated.
Dog Litter Bins – councillors reviewed a letter from Nigel Brown requesting that a dog litter bin be placed at Wilby Road to stop dog walkers using the school litter bin for their bags of dog mess. The Clerk will investigate the cost. It was also suggested that the High School may consider moving their litter bin as it is red and can be easily confused with a dog litter bin.
Neighbourhood Plan - there is an open day on 6th November 10-3 at the community centre.

Cllr Flatman reported that she had spoken to planning concerning the wording on the sign at the former Queen's Head Inn. She was advised there was nothing that could be done to prevent the change of name.
Cllr Flatman also reported on half term activities and handed over some publicity for them.

Parish Council drop in clinic
The Clerk will be working out of the library on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 2.15pm till 3.15pm. Members of the public are welcome to come along to raise any concerns they may have. If available Parish Councillors may also be present. The next session will be on Tuesday, 22nd November @2.15pm in the library.