The Parish Pump

The Parish Pump is a short summary by the Clerk to the Council of the main discussion and decisions taken at the parish council meeting. It is published in the Stradbroke Monthly and available online. It is not a formal minute of the meeting. Full minutes of all meetings are held in the Library, are posted on the Notice Board and can also be found here on Stradbrokeonline

Parish Council Meetings - July 11th, 18th & Aug 8th

Planning Applications supported:
2503/16 Roger Skinner Ltd, Queens Street IP21 5HL – removal of existing 10 LPG storage tanks and provide 12 LPG storage tanks in new location. Erection of fenced enclosure and separating masonry wall.
2980/16 The Paddocks, Queens Street IP21 5HG – erection of a detached single storey dwelling and associated garage.
2681/16 Chestnut House, Wilby Road IP21 5JP – change of use from B1 to ancillary domestic use for the storage of personal goods.
2871/16 (& 2872/16) Glenmore, Queens Street IP21 5HG – erection of a rear infill extension. Re-roofing across extend of property. Internal works in accordance with submitted schedule.
2651/16 Hubbards, Queens Street replace north facing pantile roof with plain tile roof – replace barge board. Replace UPVc guttering and down pipes with cast iron. Addition of two conservation roof lights to north facing roof.

No comments submitted on:
3150/16 Mulberry Lodge, Laxfield Road IP21 5NQ – retention of the use of the land for stationing the existing mobile home for an agricultural worker and when the residential use is not required to be used as a non-residential restroom, office & shower.

Results of planning applications considered by MSDC since the PC last met:
2035/16 Offices rear of Chestnut House, Wilby Road, Stradbroke IP21 5JP - Application withdrawn
2458/16 Watermeadow Lodge, Neaves Lane, IP21 5JE - Granted 1st July 2016
1878/16 Turtle Dove Cottage, 4 Priory Close, IP21 5HD - Granted 22nd June 2016
2415/16 & 2414/16 – Queens Head Inn, Queens Street, IP21 5HG - Granted 28/7/16
2141/16 Summer Place, Battlesea Green, IP21 5NE - Granted 3/8/16
2503/16 Roger Skinner Ltd, Queens Street, IP21 5HL - Granted 3/8/16
2458/16 Watermeadow Lodge, Neaves Lane, IP21 - Granted 1/7/16
2363/16 Prospect Farm, Laxfield Road, IP21 5JT - Granted 21/7/16

Other Planning matters:
The Clerk reported to the Council on a response she had received from Planning Enforcement concerning the Queens Head Inn. The Officer informed the Clerk that the applicant had been encouraged to include the newly installed gates in the planning application. Councillors were concerned about the report from Planning Enforcement and it was proposed that a letter be sent to Cllr Flatman raising some queries.

• Councillors agreed the 1st quarter spending against budget together with virements from reserved funds.

• An open evening is proposed for villagers to gather views on the two preferred suppliers for the new play equipment.
• The clock has been serviced and repaired.
• Stradisphere dates for next 3 years approved.
• Clerk to contact Highways with regards to overgrown footpaths and locations of new VAS signs.
• Sadly, second day of Festifull was a wash out.
• New goal posts for Westhall are on order.
• The 3 year review of Drs surgery rent took place as specified in the lease. A revised figure was agreed following independent survey. Councillors also voted not to rewrite the lease.
• Neighbourhood Planning – initial analysis was displayed at Festifull. The committee propose to identify "views" within the village that are worth maintaining and plan a walk around the village in due course.