Below you will see a list of all the streets in Stradbroke that have names.

Click on the + or - buttons to change the scale of the map. It remains centred on Church Street unless you place the cursor elsewhere.
However, by 'double clicking' on a Mac or 'right clicking' on a PC this you can also centre the map wherever you wish and enlarge or reduce the scale from there. This allows you to read all the road and street names which are presently available on Google Maps.

The six names marked with a * are not shown on Google maps and are marked with pins on this map.







Ash Plough
Battlesea Hill
Bayles Way*
Bishop's Way
Castell Close*
Cedar Close
Chantala Close*
Chapel Close
Church Street
Diss Road*
Doctor's Lane
Drapers Hill
Farriers Close
Grove End
Kersey Hall Lane
Knevett's Close*
Laxfield Road
Meadow Way
Mill Lane
Neaves Lane
New Street
New Street Close
Priory Close
Queen Street
Rattlerow Hill
Shelton Hill
Stradbroke Road
The Paddocks
Tilbrook Close*
Top Road
Verdon's Lane
Whites Close
Wilby Road
Willow Close