VillageShowThis popular annual event was started by the PCC some twenty years ago with the help of Roly Copping and he has organised it ever since. It is normally held on the last Saturday of July and it offers the chance for anyone to demonstrate their skills in fruit and vegetable growing, flower arranging, cake making, crafts and even photography.

Potentiual exhibitors await with interest the printed schedule of classes and competitions which is normally published in early January. The show attracts friendly rivalry among the growers and some people even buy their seeds especially for this event. In 2013 for first time there were special classes for crops grown on the Stradbroke Allotments. In 2008 saw the start of the now famous potato competition. Each entrant gets an identical white plastic bucket and a single seed potato. The winner is the competitor whose bucket grows the greatest weight of potatoes by the closing date. 

Enquiries to Roly Copping on 01379 384839

And from the past!..............

G197Giant Cauliflower

We still have a long way to go to beat the record cauliflower shown in Stradbroke in 1914 The cauliflower shown in the picture was grown by Charles Mutimer and weighed 28lbs or just over 12.7kg in todays currency!

At the time this monster vegetable was impressive enough to be photographed and made into a special postcard by Harry Webb for sale in his shop!