Stradbroke Past & Present: A Slide Show
Friday 16 February 2018, 19:30
Contact Gerald Jenkins 01379 384 825

Stradbroke Past and Present

Stradbroke Past Present

This presentation by Gerald Jenkins of a selection of his collection of very early black & white photographs of Stradbroke together with some colour slides taken in recent times shows clearly how much our village has changed and yet how it has remained easily recognisable throughout. Amazingly, during this last year, several views of the village taken more than a hundred years ago have resurfaced via Mrs Foulsham’s effects. They will be shown for the first time, accompanied by modern colour pictures taken from exactly the same spots. One of the themes this year is the response of Stradbroke in 1940 after Dunkirk and how the fear of invasion was dealt with. Whether you are new to the village or have lived here all your life, it will be good to get to know what a rich history we have and to hear how the Millennium Project was able to rediscover so many images and to bring them into the modern electronic era.

Entry £3. Proceeds to FOASS for Church repairs. The Bar will be open.

Location The Community Centre