Berlin: Walking through History
Wednesday 04 April 2018, 19:30
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Brandenburg Gate

This illustrated presentation by Gerald Jenkins was inspired by a visit to Berlin with two friends to take advantage of a newly created footpath which followed the line of the wall which had separated East Berlin and West Berlin between 1961 and 1989. It was the most visible boundary between the Communist East and the Democratic West. with only a few crossing points, the most famous of which was ‘Checkpoint Charlie’. As conditions in the East got worse and worse, more and more people tried to escape to the West and many were killed in the attempt. In 1989 the East German economy finally collapsed and the wall was demolished from the inside, marking both the end of the Cold War and of the feared Stasi Secret Police. It is now possible to visit the Stasi Headquarters and to see how a quarter of the whole population were recruited to spy on their neighbours and colleagues.
Personal photographs of this trip have been combined with archive material from many sources to create a powerful commentary on a long period of dramatic modern history that many of us have lived through. If you have ever been to Berlin or are thinking of going there, then this talk will provide a solid foundation towards making the visit more interesting, rewarding and understandable.

Admission £3.00 All Proceeds to FOAS .

Location The Community Centre (Webb Room)