WI Programme for 2017

Meetings take place on the 2nd Thursday in each month


12th Jan. In House   13th July Walking With Lions
  Social Evening     Denise Billinghurst
9th Feb. Painting American Snow   10th Aug. Summer Meeting
  David Ecclestone     Supper
9th Mar. Stroke Recovery    14th Sept. Craft Demo - Poppies
  Prof Valerie Pomeroy     Patricia Woodward
13th Apr. Being a Vet   26th Sept. Group Meeting
  Ben Garland     Mendham & Metfield WI*
25th Apr. Group Meeting   12th Oct. Cookery Demo. ø
  Mendham & Metfield WI*     Paul Yaxley (Fox & Goose)
11th May Resolutions and Music    9th Nov. Annual Meeting
  Charmaine Cooper      
8th June Songs of Marie Lloyd ø   14th Dec. Christmas Dinner
  by Rachel Duffield in character      
* Location - Mendham & Withersdale Village Hall    ø   Open Meeting


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