From the output of the qualitative research study by David Spenser the committee used the conclusions to define 6 key workstreams. These form the basis of  the work plans for developing the neighbourhood plan. Each work stream will develop the evidence necessary to define the policy statements that will form part of the final plan. The agreed workstreams are:

1. Stradbroke Amenities
Facilities for all Ages, Shopping, Clubs & Organisations

2. Business & Employment
Job Creation, New Businesses, Support for Commerce, Digital Connectivity

3. Education for Stradbroke 
Schools. Pre-schools. Further Education, Adult Education, WEA

4. Heritage & The Environment 
Conservation, Stradbroke's Character, Protection

5. Housing Development
New Developments, Village Character, Trees & Green Spaces

6. Traffic and Transport 
Public Transport, Taxis, Voluntary Services, Parking, Speeding