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Stradbroke Online provides visitors and residents with up to date and comprehensive information about our village. See also "About Stradbroke." We welcome your comments and any suggestions you may have for improvements and any information you would like to see published

 hayleys charity appealOn Sunday 27th August, 15:00 – 17:00 there will be a charity challenge event to raise money for the Aplastic Anaemia Trust in memory of Hayley Adams. It is open to all ages and abilities and is very easy to enter. All you have to do is set yourself a challenge which you wish to complete, whether that be running, swimming, walking,or  toddling, in either the swimming pool, on the field or both. The is a marveloous opportunity for everyone to make a contribution in honour of Hayley. More details can be found here: Hayley's Charity Challenge Event

A new 7-week course on 'Gloriana: The Age of Elizabeth l' begins on Monday, September 25th at 10.15 - 12.15 in the Community Centre. This will be a thrilling journey through the long reign of Elizabeth giving an insight into the political, religious, cultural and social aspects of the period of history packed with intrigue, conspiracy and huge social change. Everyone is welcome and you can register on-line at - search for course 'C2224650' or call 0300 303 3464 or you can register at the first class

The cost is £50.40 (free to all on means-tested benefits). 
For further details or enquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01379 384248 or 07730011951

Over the last few months the Neighbourhood Plan team, including the independent professional guide and consultant, have been persistently and consciously undermined by the Parish Council. As a consequence the NP team felt there was no alternative but to resign and pass the responsibility back to the PC. All NP material on this website will be "frozen" for the time being until a way forward has been agreed.  For more details see the resignation letter below:

Dear Councillors

This is to inform you that we, as members of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, resign with immediate effect. Recently, we, along with our professional guide and consultant, have been persistently and consciously undermined and criticised by the PC. Previously, the PC showed minimal interest and participation in the NP but are now being steered by a dictatorial and destructive attitude adopted by the clerk. This includes a lack of flexibility and co-operation when drawing up the terms of reference that have only just been introduced after 3 years, supporting offensive and inaccurate statements made by a councillor in public meetings that disparage the NP committee and not acknowledging a serious complaint made by us about that councillor.

Throughout the process, we have kept the PC informed and encouraged involvement and have worked in harmony - I have personally offered to speak to the PC on several occasions in the last 3 years. We invited questions, our consultant attended 2 public meetings, we have produced a clear time-line of actions and explanation of why the plan takes the time it does to produce and how we are working in the same time-scale as other villages. In return we have received mis-directed judgements and futile distractions.

It is with our deep regret for Stradbroke that we feel that we have no alternative but to resign given the attitude of some members of the council especially as we are nearing the end of the process - as seen on our Gant chart. We have collaborated with local landowners, gained a generous grant for the site assessments that are currently being carried out and have spent many hours analysing data and opinions from the community that will form the mainstay of policies and community actions. However, the PC do not recognise the value of this and we are frustrated by the lack of insight. If completed as outlined the village would have a genuine say in the number, style and limitations of new developments - 2 of which are very close to becoming actuality. The community actions will also set the agenda for many years to make this village the place we all want to live in. The PC has clearly shown they do not have the confidence or respect in our work on this to allow it to be completed.

In the last few months 5 councillors have resigned from the PC ( + one who moved away), the Footpath Warden has resigned and now the NP committee. Perhaps it is time to ask questions of the PC as to why so many have lost faith and made this difficult decision. Surely, it is not coincidental that we all have concerns about the running of the PC and how voluntary groups are being treated.


Gillian Rennie-Dunkerley, Oliver Last, Don Darling, Stuart Crane, Roger Turkington.


At the extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council on July 3rd the council voted to no longer endorse Stradbroke Online as their conduit for information.  No reasons were given for this decision.  Instead the PC have developed a separate website ( which will be used instead. In addition the Council has also decided to no longer publish the tape recordings of meetings. In future recordings will be used only for the purpose of creating the minutes of meetings. Stradbrokeonline will continue to provide PC information as and when it is made public. To see the full minutes of the meeting click here

Stradbroke Online will continue to operate as an independent village website providing up to date information about our village. 

The Parish Council is sponsoring an open day for all sporting clubs within the village. It is open to everyone and provides anyone interested in trying their hand at a new activity to give it a go. Full details are in the attached link:

Stradbroke Sports Open Day

Tell us a story IconThe Eye Arts Club are holding a couple of film making and animation workshops for young people. This is an ideal opportunity for young people to develop new art skills and enjoy the company of like-minded people in a fun and entertaining way. 


Tell Us A Story

For the very first time, the Tour of Britain Cycle Race will go through the centre of Stradbroke. On September 8th the sixth leg of the race will start in Newmarket at 10:30am and finish in Aldeburgh. The cyclists enter the village via New St and then pass along Church St and the Laxfield Rd. There will be a slendid opportunity to see the riders speed through the village sometime after mid-day. This is a great first for Stradbroke and no doubt there will be  a huge crowd of enthusiastic spectators cheering the riders on.
For more details on the race see the following link. and to see a detailed route through Stradbroke click on the map below

Tour of Britain Route

Suffolk County Council as part of their  "Connecting Communities" service offer to help people travel around the county of Suffolk who might not have access to a regular bus service. Suffolk County Council is working in partnership with Suffolk Community Transport Operators to help by Connecting Communities. When you need to make a journey and there's no public transport available to you locally, they aim to collect you and connect you to an appropriate bus route or train link for onward travel so you can reach your destination quickly and easily. For journeys where connecting to other services is inappropriate, then end to end journeys may be possible. 

One of the transport services it uses is an organisation called BSEVC which operating out of Bury. They have set up a new service specifically for Mid Suffolk with the following claim -


Full details, including prices and phone contacts, are available on the following link Rural Transport Mid Suffolk

Metfield Funding Fair small

Of interest to all volunteers. Baburgh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are organising a series of funding fairs ideal for voluntary groups and organisations. This involves a day of information and workshops focussed on fundraising for community groups. The nearest one to Stradbroke is in Metfield on 12th April. For more information click on  this link - Funding Fair

Saving All Saints - Agreed LOGO smallA very successful exhibition of the project to "Save All Saints"  was held in the church on January 21st. Thank you to everyone who came along. The exhibition included details of the proposed work on the church to make it safe and usable in a wider capacity together with with photographs illustrating the damage that penetrating water has done to the walls and windows. It also outlined the application for Heritage Lottery funding and the community project linked to it. The exhibition is still present but will shortly be replaced by a more permanent one so if you were not able to come along on Saturday please feel free to drop into the church to view it. You can also see the content of the exhibition in the link below. If you would like more information on the project contact  the project coordinator, Gillian Rennie-Dunkerley.

SAS Exhibition Photos

SAS Project Summary