• Learn – New courses for the Autumn
    Buying and Selling Antiques, Vintage Items and Collectables for Pleasure and Profit This is a practically oriented course that will look at the options for buying antiques and vintage items from auctions, antique markets, online and car boot sales.  We will identify the advantages and disadvantages of each and explore the many categories and periods of antiques and vintage items to be traded and consider the costs of acquiring them and the […]
  • Seasonal Flu Clinics 2019

Flash Fiction

  • Harvest
    The latest anthology from BigSky Writers focuses on different views of Harvest.  Please recommend us to your friends and let us have any comments – go to the BigSky Writers page under Clubs […]
  • The Interview
    It was a strange Interview. In a short angry speech the Rt Hon Dennis Clarke announced his resignation as Home Office Minister on the grounds that: ‘The defeat of his bill to extend the law on youth crime had made his position untenable, and he could no longer support government policy.’ His sudden resignation added depth to a nationwide spate of stabbings which had already become a hot topic throughout the country, and he was eagerly invited onto ‘Ben and […]